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Skiathos Holidays

The westernmost tip of the Northern Sporades group of islands is called Skiathos. Strategically positioned, it has the Skopelos islands in the east and the Greek mainland to the west. Despite its substantially small size (area measures only 50 square kms), Skiathos is a prominent destination included in most Greece holidays. Greener than most other islands you are likely to have visited during your Greece holidays, Skiathos is largely blanketed by thick pine groves which also gives it a woody feel. An ideal blend of tourist spots buzzing with activity and an untouched locale, Skiathos is easily one of the most varied destinations of Greece holidays.

Skiathos is completely equipped with a superb tourist infrastructure which itself bears testimony to its popularity as a Greece holiday destination. Exotic beaches, steep cliffs, wood carved valleys and isolated coves along with the omnipresent verdant greenery; make for a truly varied landscape you are not likely to come-by in any other Greece travel destination. Being a part of Greece holidays, Skiathos bears an elaborate cultural as well historical heritage. The several monasteries as well as churches are truly representative of traditional Greece holidays. Easily explored in a matter of 4 to 5 hours flat, this quaint island of Skiathos is made up of as many as 60-70 beaches, some of which make up the unexplored parts of this mysterious island. The thriving cosmopolitan town of Skiathos is the centre of most tourist activity and serves as a busy port as well.

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