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Seychelles Things To Do

Some best places to visit on your Seychelles tour are listed below.

Mahe: Have a great time on Seychelles Holidays at the largest island, Mahe. The island has about 60 palm-fringed exotic beaches and also the capital city, Victoria. Mahe also supports the tallest peak, Morne Seychellois, which measures over 900 metres above the sea level. The place also features the botanical gardens and national museum of Seychelles.

Cousin Island: The Island is a world-famous reserve that is spread over 27 hectares of land. Cousin Island was bought by International Council for Bird Protection in 1968. At present the Island is home to some rare species of birds, which include Seychelles Warbler, Wedge-tailed Shearwater, Terns and Seychelles Fody. For bird lovers, Seychelles Holidays can be really delightful.

Denis Island: The Island lies to the northeast of Seychelles, just at the edge. The sparkling waters and lush vegetation at Denis Island are beyond imagination. The colours are so vivid and bright that it seems to have come out of a paint book or postcard. To make your Seychelles Holidays more lively and cheerful, you can go on a fishing jaunt at this island.

Fregate Island: Situated to the east of Mahe, this wonderful island has one of the best beaches in the world. Anse Victorin Beach is a secluded beach on Fregate Island that was voted as World’s Best Beach by The Times. Named after the Frigate bird, this tropical paradise island is one-stop for elites. Before setting off on your Seychelles Holidays make sure that you know about the beaches ann islands as many of them are private properties.

La Digue: For centuries now, La Digue has preserved its charm and beauty. This small island is inhabited by a small population, about 2000 inhabitants. Inhabitants still use ox-taxis to move around on the island. Its tranquil settings are inviting and travellers have a soothing experience at this place. Be caressed by the old-world charm and book for Seychelles Holidays today.

Praslin: Praslin is the largest island, after Mahe, in Seychelles. Dotted with splendid resorts, the island is a principal destination in Seychelles. The place also abodes famous beaches, such as Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette. The island is also home to the famous Valley de Mai, where Coco-de-Mer, a special variety of coconut grows.

Victoria: The capital of Seychelles that is Victoria lies northeast of Mahe. Victoria is a deep water port and the cultural centre of Seychelles. It is home to about 25,000 citizens of Seychelles. Some popular attractions at Victoria are: Clocktower, National Musem of History and Botanical Gardens. If you are travelling from a different country, this will probably be your fist stop, as an International airport is located here. For great summer holidays at Seychelles, please check the special packages for Seychelles Holidays.

St. Anne Marine National Park: The park encompasses 6 islands and provides the marine habit to about 150 species of fish. Underwater exploration, at St. Anne Marine National Park, is a chief attraction to foreign visitors and travellers. The surroundings are equally compelling; rattling palm trees and dense tropical vegetation fills the space.

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