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Seychelles Restaurants and dining

Seychelles holidays can amuse connoisseurs with a variety of exotic food and dishes prepared and served on the island. The popular food of Seychelles is a blend of Asian, African, French and Chinese cuisine. Seafood, spices, coconut and rice are the favourites of Seychelles folk. Grilled and stuffed fish, shellfish, tuna, Carii Coco and Daube are tourists’ delight.

On Seychelles Holidays, check-out the local restaurants for traditional and international cuisines. Some popular restaurants located here are:

Al Mare Restaurant: Located in Mahe, on Beau Vallon Beach. Serves Creole, Italian and International cuisines. Specialty: Seafood and Italian dishes.

Au Jardin D’Epices: Located in Mahe at Banyan Tree Resort. Serves Creole and International cuisines. Specialty – Creole and Mediterranean food.

Beach Bar Restaurant: Located in Praslin at Acajou Hotel. Serves light food and cocktails. Specialty – Creole food and drinks.

Boat House: Located in Mahe at Beau Vallon Beach. Serves Creole food. Specialty – grilled fish, fish barbeque and breadfruit chips.

Aubergine Restaurant: Located in Mahe at Wharf hotel. Serves traditional food. Specialty – Creole.

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