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Seychelles Holidays

A series of impeccable beaches, fine weather and picturesque landscapes call for perfect holiday trip to Seychelles. The country comprises of 115 islands that are located in the Indian Ocean towards the east of African continent, not too far from Maldives, which also being a large island, offers a similar experience.

Seychelles is a tropical paradise that cajoles travellers, especially couples, with its picture-perfect beaches, its neat and clean environment, beautiful landscapes and many exhilarating sports. Seychelles holidays are all-fun; no history lessons or wandering in the city. Nevertheless, for your own knowledge you must know a little about the history of this nation to enjoy your Seychelles Holidays to the fullest.

There are very few accounts that mention the first inhabitants on islands of Seychelles. It is believed that the islands were first spotted by Asian and Arab seafarers on their voyages, crossing the Indian Ocean. The first written account about these islands appeared in 1502, when the famous Portuguese sailor, Vasco da Gama and his crew sighted them. As you visit the places on Seychelles Holidays you will definitely come across familiar names.

In 16th century, English and French traders used to briefly stay at these islands, while travelling to parts of Asia like Singapore, Hong Kong and Kerala and Africa. The islands at Seychelles were often raided by pirates and many of them were occupied as they were secure and uninhabited. Even today, there is a provision (law) as per which people are provided immunity if they invest a certain amount fixed by the government. In 17th century, French occupied the islands till early 19th century when British fought for the territory. The British succeeded in taking over as the new administrators of the islands. In 1903 Seychelles became a crown colony and in 1976 Seychelles islands were granted independence.

When you travel to Seychelles you will observe the advantages of these islands for runaways and the missing. For travellers, Seychelles holidays are meant to unwind and liberate the guests from haunting memories at office and the average city-life.

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