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Selimiye Holidays

Selimiye is a small fishing village on the Marmaris peninsula in Turkey. The relaxed air and slow way of life in this region of Turkey makes Selimiye holidays truly rejuvenating for people tired with the humdrum of city life.

The village of Selimiye lies on a vast secluded bay. The history of Selimiye is replete with stories of fishing, boat making and farming. The place still has an old-worldly charm to it. The shingle beach at Selimiye has a few waterfront hotels and restaurants. On any day, you could watch the fishermen mend their nets on the pebbled beach as colourful boats float on the bright blue waters of the bay. Selimiye is as peaceful as a sleepy village can get, the only sounds being of the locals doing their daily work in the boatyard and prayer calls at the small mosque.

The countryside of Selimiye is famous for the rich harvest of almonds, pine honey, oregano and sage. You hardly see touristy crowds here – herds of goats munching lazily in the sun present a more common sight.

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