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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Holidays

Holidays are always about complete enjoyment, supreme relaxation, total rejuvenation and recharging of batteries, as well as undiluted fun and frolic. Although holidays can be broadly classified into various segments, like romantic holidays, family holidays, adventure holidays, scuba diving holidays, learning holidays etc; demarcations can blur very easily.

After all, holidays are days when you are free to enjoy yourself in whichever way possible. One “genre” holiday can easily be juxtaposed into the other and what you have is unique variety. For example, a romantic holiday can seamlessly blend with a snorkelling holiday if both of you are avid aqua sports lovers, and a family holiday can also predominantly be an adventure holiday, if your family members enjoy the true adrenalin rush.


If scuba diving and snorkelling holidays beckon you, there are fabulous locations all across the world, waiting to be enjoyed and explored. It’s better to zero in on some designated parts of the world which are famous for such aquatic adventures. For divers and snorkelers, The Caribbean provides with ample opportunities. Targeting the famous diving spots of The Caribbean should be ideal for enjoying scuba diving holidays. The reefs of the Caribbean make sailing a dangerous activity here; however swimming among colourful fish, snorkelling and scuba diving are hugely popular aquatic adventures.


Bonaire is a famous snorkelling destination of the Caribbean. There are pristine reefs and varied marine fauna which makes this a particularly popular diving spot. The waters are calm and clear and underwater visibility is very high. Nocturnal snorkelling is a very popular activity here, which cannot be missed at any cost. Dominica is another renowned scuba diving destination which fares in the list of the top 10 diving destinations featured by Rodale’s scuba diving magazine. There are sea horses, frog fishes and absolutely stunning flying gurnards which can be viewed with pleasure. The Scotts Head Marine Reserve also awaits you.


Cayman Islands are also considered to be a popular scuba diving destination.  The pristine reefs and crystal clear waters make for an ideal scuba diving spot. You can dive along the Bloody Bay Wall, which is truly thrilling to say the least. The drop off here is more than 1000 ft. Visibility is excellent as well. Apart from the Cayman Islands, there is the Saba which must feature in your scuba diving holidays to the Caribbean. Saba boasts of as many as 28 scuba diving sites and is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations of the world. This spot should also feature in your snorkelling holidays, almost inevitably. There are stunning reefs and underwater rocks which can be explored sitting comfortably in the shallow waters. You will also come across the most spectacular variety of fish and coral here and the depth of the sea wells are more than 1000ft. All in all, scuba diving holidays cannot possibly get better than this.


One of the most unique scuba diving holidays of the Caribbean can be enjoyed at the St. Eustatius. There are underwater volcanic fissures and canyons, which you not likely to come by anywhere else in the world. There are a host of intriguing sights to explore, underwater. You have corals, sponge covered walls, remains of old buildings, and mysterious shipwrecks, which make for interesting viewing. If you are fond of marine fauna, check out the variety of sea creatures here. There are black rip sharks, eagle rays, barracudas and several other intriguing species which you might find interesting. This particular destination makes for one of a kind scuba diving holidays.


Snorkelling holidays to the Caribbean can never be complete without a trip to the Tobago Cays Marine Park. This is a snorkelling heaven, in true sense of the word. Located in south Grenadines, Tobago Cays are a group of uninhabited islands which makes for some great snorkelling. You will find deserted rocks and cays flourished with sponges, corals, and innumerable colourful fishes and rare species of turtles which are worth exploring. The sand bars and the lagoon can be explored as well. The national parks of the Turks and Caicos Islands cannot be missed too. This should always be a sure shot inclusion on your snorkelling holidays. The mysterious waters are teeming with marine fauna and the visibility range is anywhere between 60ft to 150ft. The waters are warm and all in all it makes for some fulfilling and comfortable snorkelling experiences.  


Caribbean Islands are most suited for scuba diving and snorkelling holidays all round the year, unless of course you encounter a hurricane. The hurricane season spans from 1st June to 30th November, which is when you should ideally avoid the Caribbean Islands. However, if you are looking at cheap scuba diving holidays, this could be the best time to visit the Caribbean. You just have to be plain lucky, not to encounter one of those ill famous hurricanes.


There are other equally happening locales which can make for great scuba diving holidays. The islands of Hawaii are a case in point. Although, underwater clarity is an issue here, the grand ambience and flourishing fauna more than make up for it. The ecosystem is volcanic and fertile, attracting swarms of marine species to these enamouring islands. You can come across gigantic stingrays, sharks, whales, and really big turtles in this scuba diving destination. A very happening tourist destination, Hawaii particularly makes for colourful scuba diving holidays because of the numerous dive shops available for you to choose from. It is truly a fun-filled and adventurous scuba diving as well as snorkelling destination. Officially the hurricane season in Hawaii is from June to September which should be avoided. Apart from that, Hawaii is an ideal destination for enjoying scuba diving holidays all round the year. The climate remains ambient, both during the summer and the winter months.


The Koh Tao islands in Thailand, is another destination which should be a definite inclusion in scuba diving holidays. Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, the Koh Tao specially caters to scuba divers. Here, you can expect a thrilling encounter with grey reef sharks and elusive whale sharks. The turquoise blues are teeming with local fauna and makes for the most intriguing scuba diving holidays. Marine conservation efforts are in full swing here. However, shark hunting is still offered as a popular tourist diversion and the local fauna is being subjected to danger. The cool season which spans from November to February and the hot season which lasts from March to May are both ideal for enjoying scuba diving holidays in Thailand. Although the summer months might be a bit hot, it could prove to be ideal for aquatic adventures.


Scuba diving holidays must always include a trip to Florida which offers the best scuba diving opportunities of North America. Complete with warm waters and tropical fish, the beaches of Florida are ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling vacations. Holiday packages to Florida, almost always include scuba diving and snorkelling as predominant activities to be pursued. There are dive shops all along the Gulf and the Atlantic coast which makes scuba diving a very popular activity here. Diverse species of marine fauna can be found here. You are sure to come across giant turtles, manatees, sharks, tropical fish, dolphins and stingrays. Underwater sights of reefs and wrecks can also be explored while enjoying scuba diving holidays here. One can enjoy scuba diving holidays in Florida almost anytime during the year. However, Easter time is considered to be the peak season here and is mostly very crowded. If you want to enjoy a peaceful snorkelling holiday, consider the months of January and February and the post-Easter season.


Scuba diving holidays in Mexico are also equally enjoyable and fulfilling. The Cozumel Islands are famous for scuba diving. There are 19 scuba diving reef areas here which ensure breathtaking experiences. The waters are flourished with marine fauna, and the visibility on an ideal day could be up to almost 200 feet. Swim throughs are especially enjoyed here and scuba diving in the fresh water caves is an activity enjoyed by many. The town of San Miguel has plenty of dive shops, which presents an elaborate variety for you to choose from. Cozumel is an excellent tourist centre by itself and provides affordable accommodation. It emerges as a prominent scuba diving destination, extremely favoured by foreign tourists around the world. The best time to visit Mexico is from October to May.

Scuba diving holidays must also be enjoyed in the lovely Fiji Islands. Fiji is popularly known as the “soft coral capital of the world”. Fiji is famous for its underwater conditions and clear visibility all round the year. Dazzling underwater corals make the Fiji islands a hotspot for professional underwater photographers. The place is also a rollicking treat for scuba divers and snorkelers. There is the “Great White Wall”, “The Yellow Tunnel” and various other underwater marvels for the scuba divers to explore in absolute awe. Fiji Islands attracts plenty of tourists all the year round because of its ambient tropical climate. The best time to visit the Fiji Islands for a scuba diving holiday is between the months of March and November.



The Heron Island of Australia which rises directly above the Great Barrier Reef is an excellent locale for scuba diving holidays. The pleasant serenity of Heron Islands makes it a scuba diving location where divers can spend most of their time under 20feet water in a scuba tank. This is an island free of industry and any other disturbances, which makes for calm scuba diving holidays. The weather in Australia is perfect around December and January, which is not too warm and not too cold for comfort.


Snorkelling and scuba diving holidays require plenty of preparation. You need to understand what to carry for a comfortable time at the sea. Basically, you need some expert advice on snorkelling and scuba diving gear, for a comprehensive and flawless approach. You will need masks, fins, snorkels, regulators, wet suits, dry suits and related accessories. Sometimes you might also shop for related accessories at the respective venues. It is always wise to find out about the availability of the product in advance and then decide on what to carry along. Sometimes price points may also be a topic of major contention. You can opt for some really good deals available online, before attempting to buy from a retailer. Snorkelling and scuba diving equipment may be expensive and you should always look for lucrative deals if possible.


Scuba diving holidays are essentially about thrills and pleasures. You need to enjoy it thoroughly and appreciate the true excitements of it to appreciate the activities to the fullest. Snorkelling and scuba diving trips are also about responsibility and safety. You need to have an eye for complete detailing when it comes to securing your dives and snorkelling trips. Adventure sports must always be executed with a great deal of responsibility and élan. One cannot afford to be careless and callous and invite uncalled for risks. Have a safe and secure scuba diving and snorkelling vacation, when you embark upon one.

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