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Sardinia Holidays

The island of Sardinia lies to the west of Italy and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. A jewel in the crown, this fantastic island bears many tourist attractions, such as beaches, rocky landscapes, parks and the fascinating Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia Holidays can best be enjoyed by couples, who celebrate their honeymoon trips at romantic countryside, in Sardinia.

Sardinia is a constitutional part of Italy, separated from the mainland Italy by the waters of Mediterranean Sea. It is the second-largest island of Italy, the largest being Sicily. Throughout history Sardinia has had a great influence of the original inhabitants of Italy, who from time to time travelled to this place.

The history of Sardinia is very interesting as the island has been invaded and been part of different empires and kingdoms. The territory belonged to Romans in ancient times, followed by Vandals and Byzantines. In medieval times, the entire territory of Sardinia was split in smaller kingdoms. For about 400 years Sardinia existed as a Spanish kingdom, until the unification of Italy in the year 1861.

As you explore the island on your Sardinian Holidays, you will see the remains of monuments constructed by the erstwhile monarchs. But that is not exactly why thousands of tourists travel to Sardinia. Sardinia Holidays are more famous for the leisure time travellers spend at beach resorts. It boasts of the same beautiful natural views as Fuerteventura on the other side of Gibralter.

Before we introduce you the famous destinations and attractions of Sardinia, its more helpful to know about some fast facts.

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