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Sao Vicente Holidays

Sao Vicente is a picturesque agricultural town located in the north-western part of the Madeira Islands of Portugal, known for its breathtaking scenery and exemplary architectural framework. Sao Vicente lies between Porto Moniz and Santana, and derived its name from St Vicente, who is believed to have appeared at the mouth of a river flowing near the village, where the famous chapel "Capela de Nossa Senhora da Piedade" was built in 1694. Set amidst idyllic natural beauty with distinctive landmarks like the Sao Vicente Caves, the Sao Vicente Chapel, Sao Vicente is one of the most spectacular tourist spots in Madeira.

Spectacular Sao Vicente

Sao Vicente is a peaceful town, carefully engraved by green nature and the abundant forest adjoining it. In 1928, Sao Vicente was largely buried in a massive landslide but since then, it has recovered exceptionally and re-built in the original style. Visitors to Sao Vicente are rewarded with some of the most dramatic views on the island, within the town, and neighbouring villages in the north-west, only accessible by a one-lane road known as the 'Gold Road'. The road twists and turns in a fashion that both walkers and motorists are treated to spectacular scenery of rugged cliffs, sweeping valleys and cascading waterfalls. The Calhau beach area, that has a row of restaurants and shops facing the pebbled beach, is particularly popular with tourists.

Smoking is allowed in Sao Vicente restaurants but prohibited in theatres, cinemas and buses. Tipping of 10% is customary and would be highly appreciated. Cab drivers can be tipped around 10% of the bill. Other service staff like chambermaids at hotels and hotel porters should also be tipped a few Euros for carrying luggage etc.

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