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Sao Vicente Island Holidays

Sao Vicente Island is a tourist friendly island of Cape Verde. There are many Sao Vicente island cheap holidays that can be arranged without burning a hole in your wallet. Relaxed atmosphere is what you will get when you visit Sao Vicente Island in a holiday package. Adventurous activities are also available in plenty here. Many travel agents particularly cater to island holidays that appeal to travellers and tourists who want to get away from their cold countries to some sun and sea. Tourists from UK and other European countries enjoy Sao Vicente island holidays package during winter when it is warm and sunny here but cold in their respective countries. Sao Vicente island holidays offer a variety of activities to be enjoyed.

Beaches, to water sports to architecture and music festivals there are many indulgences for tourists on a Sao Vicente island holiday. The sunny and warm climate all through the year and totally unhurried atmosphere allows tourists to unwind and enjoy each and every moment spend beneath the golden sun and cool ocean waters on a Sao Vicente island holiday package. Sao Vicente Island is the cultural capital of islands here in Cape Verde and hence hosts many music festivals during the course of a year.

Splendid Sao Vicente Island

You will love your holiday to Sao Vicente island with beautiful beaches, blue waters and golden sun. Holidays packages to Sao Vicente are ideal for families as well as couples. Sao Vicente island is romantic and hence couples can spend quality time together. The myriad of activities available here makes it perfect to bring your children and friends along while planning a holiday to Sao Vicente island. There are beaches to have fun, many types of water sports like wind surfing and speed surfing is very popular with tourists on holiday package to Sao Vicente island. You can swim in the waters, sun bath on shore under the golden sun or even try your hand at snorkelling. Alternately, those interested can go for deep sea fishing expeditions which are regularly arranged for tourists on holiday to Sao Vicente island. The lagoon and beach of Baia das Gatas is very popular with visitors to this island of Cape Verde since it offers a natural swimming pool protected from the ocean. This is the safest beach in Sao Vicente Island apart from Sao Pedro beach. Even though there are many beaches in Sao Vicente Island, most of them are dangerous and advice should be sought from locals prior to getting into the waters.

General Etiquette in Sao Vicente Island

Sao Vicente is an island of volcanic origin like all other islands in Sao Vicente island. The climate is arid and dry and the locals here are very poor. They work hard to look after their families. This could be the reason why tipping is generally practised here. Most hotels and restaurants owned by foreigners employ services of local people as staff. These people work for meagre wages. The tips obtained are usually pooled and at the end of day distributed among service staff. Thus if tourists and visitors on Sao Vicente island holiday tip service staff, they would be glad to have the help and even render an improved service. Due to the warm climate and shining sun, casual attire is generally preferred here. Sunglasses, sun lotion and hats are mandatory while on a Sao Vicente island holiday. You may even consider bringing a light jacket since, at times the island can bet very windy.

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