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Sao Jorge Holidays

Sao Jorge, an oblong shaped island situated in the central Azorean archipelago of Portugal, is a walker’s paradise offering splendid panoramic views from many natural belvederes and idyllic pastures. With a surface of 248 sq. km, of which more than half lies above 300 m, Sao Jorge is the fourth largest island of the archipelago and is marked by its beautiful Fajã (coves).Sao Jorge is highly famous for its tasteful cheese production. Besides scenic beauty, Sao Jorge is also a hub of multifarious cultural activities. Sao Jorge was first discovered in 1439 when the Flemish colonists chose to make their hamlets here.

Scenic Sao Jorge

Sao Jorge is one of the most scenically dramatic and picturesque islands in the Azores. Holidays in Sao Jorge offer a tranquil retreat amidst the beauty of the north coast. The walking on Sao Jorge is simply spectacular and avid walkers can participate in some wonderful organised walks, hikes and tours. Sao Jorge is also a paradise for sports fishermen and for line divers interested in underwater observation, since they will find an enormous number of fishes all along the coast. For the hunters, it also offers rabbits and pigeons. Besides gorging on the local cheese delicacies, people visiting Sao Jorge can also witness the joyful series of events held every year like the famous ‘Holy Ghost Festivals’, which dates back to the time of the settlers.

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