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Santo Antao can captivate you with its natural beauty and topography. It is the second largest island and has a peak reaching 1979m above sea level. Santa Antao is relatively a new entry into tourism sector and this largely is its attraction. The place is quiet, calm and relaxing. There is no hustle and bustle of tourists and no clamour to get on to ferries and so on. There are many interesting activities to be done from walking, hiking, trekking to scuba diving, snorkelling and car rides on dry river beds. The climate is the highlight of a holiday here with sun shining throughout the day and wind keeping you comfortable. The adventurous tourist can try his hand at mountain biking and there are many well laid trails here. The territories are divided into west desert side which is largely uninhabited and the north eastern side with natural beauty and golden cultivated fields. Santo Antao extends diverse scenery to visitors. Most people reach island by way of sea. The port here is located in tiny port town of Porto Novo. People who visit island are based in small 16th century town of Povoacoa and they can walk or trek to explore deep valleys that flank town of Povoacao. Island has a volcanic origin and hence attracts tourists who enjoy its unique culture, cuisine and topography.

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