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Santo Antao Attractions and Activities

All Santo Antao holiday packages and Santo Antao bargain holidays are worth their while for awesome hikes over ribeiras or dry river beds and spectacular views that can be beheld while driving over ridges and ribeira floors. The sights of Santo Antao holiday package does not end here, but there are many other activities that would keep the traveller in you occupied and interested.
• Walking – Santo Antao holiday package would definitely include walking excursions through dramatic landscapes and trails. North eastern part of Santo Antao island offers attractive walking tracks which are cobbled and weave their way through green valleys, mountain villages, farmland etc. Treks to western altiplano amidst volcanic landscape is another experience that can be enjoyed while on last minute holidays to Santo Antao. Transform your late holiday deals to Santo Antao into a walking holiday.
• Island exploration – aside from walks, holiday package to Santo Antao can be enjoyed by exploring island through bikes, boats and cars. Breathtaking views, changing landscapes and stunning views await holiday makers who visit Santo Antao through bargain holidays. You can drive over Proto Novo to the dry river bed or Ribeira Grande. On the way you can see beautiful village of Fontianhas. Tourists on last minute holidays to Santo Antao can alternately explore caves and deserted beaches along the coastline in boat tours.
• Day Trips – a visit to Sao Vicente by ferry takes only one hour from Porto Novo on Santo Antao and visitors can thoroughly enjoy Mindelo, the bustling capital with its stunning architecture and musical heritage.
• Adventure – there are many undiscovered waterfalls, rivers etc. in Santo Antao which visitors on bargain holidays to Santo Antao can go canyoning on. Hidden oases and lush vegetation can be seen around Paul Valley. You can alternately embark on cycling tours to experience and explore Santo Antao while on bargain holidays in Santo Antao.
• Diving – turquoise sea surrounding this beautiful island offers ample opportunities for scuba diving and snorkelling.
• Beaches – many secluded bays, green mountains make beach holidays in Santo Antao rewarding and a unique experience. Travellers to Santo Antao on holiday package should not miss visiting town of Pontinha de Janela and the inscribed rock at Ribeira do Penedo.

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