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Santo Antao Holidays

Holiday packages to Santo Antao are based on one of the Cape Verde islands which is lesser known in the tourism sector. Nevertheless, it won't remain so with spectacular sceneries and ample amount of activities to indulge in. The unexplored and calm atmosphere of this island would make all kinds of bargain holidays to Santo Antao worthwhile. Last minute holidays to Santo Antao would provide tourists with more lucrative deals and facilities. Holiday package to Santo Antao would involve many walking and trekking excursions since the island is known for them. Low key tourism allows many bargain holidays to Santo Antao. Very soon holiday package to Santo Antao would get booked much in advance due to stunning scenery and spectacular landscapes which offers a visual treat for all visitors to this part of Cape Verde. Music and rum is another attraction to holiday makers who visit Santo Antao through last minute holidays or late holiday deals.

The charm of the island is its unexplored look and total lack of touristy hustle and bustle and tourists who come here in Santo Antao holiday package really enjoy the serene ambiance. Nature lovers in particular would find holiday package to Santo Antao in correspondence with their tastes since there are many activities connected to nature here.

Bargain holidays to Santo Antao would bring you tot he northern most and westerly island of Cape Verde. Santo Antao means Saint Anthony in Portuguese and island is located near Sao Vicente. There is a channel titled Canal de Sao Vicente which separates both islands. Holiday package to Santo Antao would introduce tourists to island of volcanic origin with more than 50,000 inhabitants. The highest point of the island is Tope de Coroa at a height of 1,979m and show cases beautiful mountainous terrain for walking and trekking enthusiasts who come for a visit through Santo Antao holiday packages. The mountain range of Santo Antao spreads to north east and south west. The north-eastern region is very fertile and allows for growth of pine trees, cypress and eucalyptus trees. Apart from this region, Santo Antao is dry and arid but is home to an interesting coastline. Areas around Tarrafal in the south west is a sight to behold and has beautiful beaches for those who love the sea. Nature lovers can spend their time here in Santo Antao by indulging in bird watching, walking, trekking etc. Holiday packages to Santo Antao offer a perfect combination of variety of scenery including desert, terraced fields, tropical valleys, banana, coffee, sugar, rugged coastlines, tall cliffs, striking mountain ridges, wooded hills etc.

General Etiquette in Santo Antao

The beautiful island of Santo Antao is still unexplored and tourist crowds are less here. Though most restaurants here are owned by foreigners, service staff is by and large mostly locals. Cape Verde is a poor country and hence, tipping is very much appreciated. The locals work very hard and this is evident if you get a chance to observe a day of island life. In restaurants it is common for the tips to be pooled and then distributed among service staff at end of day. You can be gracious and tip service staff according to quality of service rendered. You can tip in Euros. Service staff would be grateful and happy. It is wise to carry only casual clothes while starting on a bargain holiday to Santo Antao. The climate is tropical and hence there can be winds, thus a jacket might come in handy. There are no restrictions as to the attire that can be worn but warm climate makes carrying sun lotions, hats and umbrellas mandatory.

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