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Santiago Island Holidays

Holidays to Santiago Island in Cape Verde is an amazing adventure with variety of excursions, activities to indulge in and an outstanding beach. The coastline in Santiago is rocky and hence hides small sandy coves which prove to be a haven for divers and tourist who go snorkelling. Santiago island holidays would definitely take you to the banana and papaya plantations on the mountains that stand up to almost 4000 feet. The land in Santiago is very fertile making it an important agricultural centre. Santiago in Portuguese mean Saint James and is the largest island in Cape Verde offering tourists on holiday to Santiago Island contrasting landscapes that can be explored and enjoyed. There are many package holidays to Santiago Island which cater to tourists from all over the world. Many travel and tourism companies even have on offer cheap holidays to Santiago Island from UK and other European countries. Santiago Island is located in between islands of Fogo and Maio.

Holiday to Santiago Island is hassle free since the capital city of Praia is home to Praia International Airport. The picturesque island of Santiago appeals to tourists and travellers with its deep valleys, fertile land, lush greenery, blue water with lovely beaches.

Based on the largest island in Cape Verde, Santiago package holidays would particularly appeal to trekkers and the adventurous tourist. The scenery here is interesting and there is large scope for excursions into lush green mountainous landscape. Those interested in beach and water sports can head to the splendid beach at Tarrafal. Holidays to Santiago Island in Cape Verde extend a glimpse of African atmosphere and everyday life at the island. There are plenty of colourful markets, restaurants, lively night-life, and authentic adventure to keep holiday makers to Santiago Island entertained and engaged. Tourists can enjoy authentic Cape Verde cuisine at restaurants in Praia and there is a wider choice for tourists in Santiago when compared to other Cape Verde islands. The historic town of Cidade Velha is worth a visit and has lots to offer tourists who love ancient streets made of cobbled stones, churches, cathedrals and a Portuguese fort. Most package holidays to Santiago Island feature trips across island to Tarrafal located on the northern coast. Tarrafal is a fishing harbour village and has modest diving spots and opportunities. Jeep safaris are common while on a Santiago Island to African towns.

General Etiquette in Santiago Island

Tipping is a common practice and expected from tourists too since Cape Verde is a poor country where locals have to work hard to feed their families. Hence, a tip goes a long way in helping them financially. It is always appreciated if their service is tipped. The tips collected in the course of the day is pooled an distributed among the service staff. Even though most of the restaurants in Santiago Island is owned by foreigners, service staff mostly comprises of locals. Staff would be grateful if you tip them according to the service rendered and received. Euros is an acceptable currency here and tips can be extended in this currency. The island is warm and it is wise to pack light summer clothes, shorts, light jacket and sandals. Informal wear is common here. Even though it is not cold, it can get windy.

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