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Santa Susanna Holidays

Santa Susanna is located in the Catalonia, a Spanish region on the coast of Maresme. Santa Susanna is a popular tourist destination and attracts large number of both Spanish and foreign tourist. The old town of Santa Susanna is setback from the beach front and spills the old charm with narrow streets, ancient buildings and a traditional way of life. The beach front in turn offers modern facilities. Great bars, restaurants and ice cream parlors lace the beach catering the tourist population. The beach also has many water sport options for the tourists.

Santa Susanna is a fun filled and relaxed resort with many special entertainments through the summer months. The Resort is sandwiched between the Mediterranean and the mountainous Massif Montnegre, a beautiful national park. There are many tourist attractions near Santa Susanna; the popular one’s being MarineWorld which boost of having more than 300 animals and Water World which is the biggest water park in Europe. Barcelona is just 64 miles down the coast and Lloret de Mar, the capital of Costa Brava is just 14 kilometers away from the cost.

Lunch/Dinners play a very vital part in building relationships, do not begin eating before the hostess starts, the host first gives a toast. Spaniards don’t waste food, it is always better to decline food rather than leave it on your plate. Tipping the server after the Lunch / Dinner is acceptable.

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