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Santa Giulia Holidays

Santa Giulia is located at the south east corner of Corsica, around nine kilometres south of Porto Vecchio in France. Santa Giulia is a spectacular and splendid island, which is ideal for exotic holidays in Mediterranean Sea. If you love to stay close to sun and sand, then Santa Giulia is undeniably a perfect vacation for you.

The beach resort of Santa Giulia has been named as ‘one of the most photographed beaches on the island.’ Santa Giulia beach is half-way between Porto Vecchio and Bonifachio. The most eye-catching feature of this beautiful island Santa Giulia  is the unique contrast of fine white sand against crystal clear turquoise sea water supported by beautiful pine and enchanting red rocks.

Moreover, Santa Giulia’s proximity with two major towns of south, Porte Vecchio and Bonifacio makes it an absolutely perfect destination for tourists all over the world.  The combination of rich history, breathtaking nature, mystical sea and scrupulous haute cuisine of  Santa Giulia make it all the more special and ideal choice for many tourists across the globe.

General Etiquette

French and Italian are spoken in Santa Giulia while Corsu is the traditional native language here in Santa Giulia. Corsicans are friendly and helpful people and if you know how to speak some basic French or Italian, it would be little easier for you to communicate with locals.

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