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Sannat Holidays

Sannat is a small village on Gozo Island, Malta, with a population of about 2,200. Sannat also known as Ta' Sannat, lies to the south of the island of Gozo. This place has got its name from an Arabic-Greek family that came to Gozo from Sicily. This is a very popular destination for high cliffs, ancient cart ruts, temples and dolmens, and rich fauna and flora.

The small square in Sannat called the Pjazza Tax-Xelina housed Queen Elizabeth during the II World War. It is believed that she stayed in a house called The Lace house.

The calm village of Sannat known for its lace-making lies to the south of the island of Gozo. Till today, one may sporadically see women sitting at their door steps working the bobbins. However this activity is almost on the decline now.  Sannat is an excellent holiday destination for lovers of history and also adventure sports.
The small town leads to Gozo's highest cliffs, Ta' Cenc, some 130 metres high. The cliff top is the dwelling of some mysterious archaeological sites. In the times of knights, these cliffs were very significant since they were excellent breeding ground for their Peregrine hunting falcons. Today they are home to a large colony of Corry Sheerwaters. The village has a number of traces of ancient origin. There are a number of archaeological and religious places.

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