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Samos Holidays

Located in the eastern Aegean Sea, north of Chios and south of Patmos is the lovely green island of Samos. Having an elaborate historical background to boast, Samos forms an interesting part of a well planned Greek holiday package. Emerging as a popular destination for holidaying in Greece, Samos is famous for its architectural confluence and a unique combination of breathtaking serenity and vibrant nightlife. Holidays in Greece are incomplete without tasting the famous Samos wine, which has been a famed beverage since ancient times. Imposing mountains, idyllic beaches, scented vineyards and olive groves adorn the pristine locales of Samos, titillating your senses to the fullest.

Beaches, castles, monasteries, museums; a holiday in Samos has it all. Greek holidays are almost always historically relevant and a trip to Samos is no exception. A peek into the illustrious heritage of Samos, offers comprehensive insights into ancient Greek religious and cultural heritage. Samos holidays are never complete without its happening nightlife. Typically characteristic of Greek holidays, visiting Samos also provides for a combination of serenity and vibrancy. Despite being flooded with tourists, Samos still retains some of its private marine stretches and coves. Samos also proves to be an ideal destination for enjoying Greece beach holidays. Complete with aquatic adventures and beach activities, Samos is an ideal marine tourist centre. Being one of the Greek islands which boasts of the longest periods of sunshine, the enchantment of a holiday in Samos is enhanced by the comfortable climatic conditions and easy connectivity.


Greece holidays are mostly an informal affair. When eating out, you are almost always welcomed into the kitchen where the food is displayed. One can keep ordering food as many times as he wants, without annoying waiters. Tipping is your personal choice. Greeks are very hospitable and polite; however strict punctuality is expected from you when you are on a holiday in Greece.

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