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Salvador Holidays

Salvador separates Todos os Santos Bay from the open Atlantic Ocean. Salvador is located on the triangular peninsula and the bay is a natural harbour and a major export port. Salvador is picturesque with diverse terrain including low mountains, rolling hills and flat plains. The town of Salvador situated in northern Bahia is divided into Upper Town of Cidade Alta and Cidade Baixa or Lower Town. The Upper Town is perched around 279 ft above the Lower Town and these are connected by an elevator called Elevador Lacerda. The Brazilian cities and other parts of the world are connected to Salvador through international airport called the Deputo Luis Eduardo Magalhaes International Airport. The thriving capital of Bahia, Salvador is a sought after tourist destination, with its beaches, city attractions and historic centres. Holidays in Salvador are spent in sunny tropical climate, lush hills, fascinating vibrant city and miles and miles of spectacular beaches.

Scintillating Salvador

Salvador has an African taste in traditions and culture. Salvador, located along the bay of Todos os Santos, is a vibrant city in northeast Brazil. The city is in two levels with an elevator linking the old town and the port. Attractive architecture of Portuguese colonial era, appealing squares and old city charms would keep your Salvador holidays mesmerized. Salvador boasts of a number of beaches of various sizes. There are smaller bays like the Porto da Barra beach to larger ones like the Stela Mares beach, beaches of Itapoa and Aleluia beach. Salvador offers a perfect beach holiday without having to compromise on city comforts. The beaches in Salvador are ideal for indulging in swimming, surfing, sailing, diving, fishing etc. You can savour the taste of local Bahian delicacies in restaurants and cafes that line the Salvador beaches as well as in the city.  Salvador hosts legendary festivals such as the November Carnival and the Christmas festivities. Time your Salvador holidays right in order to be swept away by the festival euphoria. Salvador holidays are good for the shopaholic in you with fascinating markets like Mercado Modelo selling ceramics, masks, jewellery, musical instruments, wood carvings, hammocks etc. Salvador holidays can include excursions to Praia do Forte (turtle sanctuary) and beaches to the north.

General Etiquette in Salvador

People in Salvador, Brazil are friendly and loving. Tipping is generally not compulsory but foreigners can afford to be gracious enough to tip the locals who work for meagre wages and support large families. Nevertheless, tipping is not obligatory but completely left to the discretion while you are enjoying your holidays in Salvador. Chamber maids, tour organizers, local guide etc. can be tipped for their services. They would be happy and grateful. Taxis do not expect a tip and most of them run on metre. Airport transfers charge R$3 per suitcase and the metre charge is rounded off to the next whole number. No other tip is expected. Some taxis charge flat rates for trips. These taxis have higher rates when compared to metre charges and hence there is no need to provide extra tip. But, tipping is largely left to the choice of you when you are holidaying in Salvador.

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