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Ruzici Holidays

Ruzici holidays offer you a timeless destination along the Istrian coastline with rocky coves, pine trees and unspoilt beaches. Explore this hilltop village with a unique culture as it has endured Roman, Venetian, Italian and Hungarian rule and now by the motherland, Croatia. There is an Italian flavour to the Istrian gastronomy but their local cuisine especially the seafood is highly exotic, making your Ruzici holidays special. Festival times are fun in Ruzici when the town lights up and is vibrant; most of the festivals coincide with summer, making Ruzici holidays entertaining. The locals are traditional and committed to preserving the community. The architecture style is predominantly Roman and fascinating to explore. If you are aiming for a rural and rustic country holiday, then go for Ruzici holidays to enjoy the charming Mediterranean way of life on this Istrian coast.

If you are looking to step away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then Ruzici holidays is the answer. Ruzici is the other name for tranquillity and has a rustic allure to it. It is a tiny village, easily accessible from Pula. The landscapes are spectacular and most photogenic. The vineyards and olive groves are simply enchanting, adding a pleasant fragrance to your Ruzici holidays. Imagine spring in Ruzici; it will definitely astound you. Local cuisine served with fine liqueurs adds flavour to your Ruzici holidays. The locals are friendly and hospitable like most people from the countryside.

Ruzici holidays are popular for offering fun throughout the year. The walking trails are near the pretty farms and therefore fun and challenging. There is practically no nightlife in Ruzici and if you want a vibrant night in Croatia travel to nearby Pula which will delight you. There are many beaches around Ruzici to suit individual tastes. Choose from among simple and quiet beaches or beaches with vibrant water-sports. Take day excursion trips to other medieval towns like Pula, Medulin, Fazana and Marcana. Ruzici holidays offer plenty of relaxation and calm moments if you like the quiet countryside and explore other attractions from here.

Ruzici Holiday etiquette

You need not offering tips during Ruzici holidays as the bills include taxes and tips. Most of the cuisine is usually homemade from the freshest ingredients grown in their farms or backyards. The wines and liqueurs are also home made. It is impolite if you waste or refrain from eating what has been offered, especially in the homes of local residents.

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