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Rovinj Holidays

Rovinj holidays give you the opportunity to explore a beautiful town on a small peninsula surrounded by sea. It is a classic medieval town of narrow streets, fortified by walls accessible by town gates and surrounded by pine trees. Rovinj holidays offer you a classic experience to enjoy picturesque ambience. It is a significant town of Istria and a popular tourist destination in Croatia. Rovinj is an active fishing port and your Rovinj holidays offer you the opportunity to see fishermen at work and many boats that ply to the offshore islands. With Venetians having ruled Rovinj for many centuries, Rovinj holiday experience is full of a lovely Venetian feeling. It makes Rovinj an intense romantic place. The nature is beautiful, climate is pleasant and the entire scenario simply touches your heart, making holiday in Rovinj a grand experience. Rest and relaxation are plenty and easily availed during a holiday to Rovinj. Memories you take back put a smile back on your face.

Urbanism is yet to overcome this lovely town of Rovinj. A walk through the cobbled streets takes you back to distant past, as if the times have stood still. High rocky coasts protect the seaside and solid bulwarks protect the lands of Rovinj. The most significant monument in Rovinj is the Church of St Euphemia, a baroque building in Venetian style, which gives you plenty explore during your Rovinj holidays. Beautiful gardens, ecological reserves, architectural wonders, traditional taverns combine to form a unique heritage that is incredible and magical, making your holidays in Rovinj full of adventure. It is as if romance was preserved amongst the rich and luxuriant greenery of the Mediterranean.

Summer is the most popular season in Rovinj. Enjoy spring during your holidays in Rovinj, which attracts nature lovers who want a change of scene from snow back home. Autumn stealthily creeps on you and you succumb to its charm. Winters are mild and a great time to visit. Strolling on the streets provides immense pleasure during your Rovinj holidays. There are many fishing vessels, sailing boats and awesome yachts lining the harbour. Fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing are popular outdoor activities, which add adventure to your Rovinj holidays. Hotels are conveniently located and offer amazing views of the sea, filling your holidays to Rovinj with fervour. The taverns serve delicate and exotic fish delicacies that are fresh and mouth-watering. A Rovinj holiday is a dream come true void of any unpleasantness.

Rovinj holiday Etiquette

Your Rovinj holidays do not require tipping the hotel staff. Bills at restaurants and hotels also include taxes and tips, therefore one can refrain form tipping. It is polite to accept home made drinks and food especially when invited to the home of a local resident.

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