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River Kwai Holidays

The River Kwai in Thailand is a popular tourist destination. It actually begins as two rivers - the Kwai Noi and the Kwai Yai - that flow from the lakes of mountainous Burma on the north-west border of Thailand. They converge at the little town of Kanchanaburi which is about 110kms north-west of Bangkok, and is where the majority of holiday accommodation is found. The River Kwai holidays attract family groups and independent travellers who either make day trips from nearby Bangkok or stay along the majestic river itself to fully appreciate the scenery and history.

River Kwai accommodation ranges from luxury holidays resort hotels in sumptuous grounds to basic family holidays hotels, to traditional moored raft boats. You can get yourself some great holiday packages and holiday deals over the internet on your holiday bookings for your stay at River Kwai.

Swimming, mountain biking, scooter rides, hiking, elephant rides, golf, fishing and canoeing are some of the activities to enjoy while holidaying in River Kwai. Various hotels offer pools, tennis courts and there are spas and local beauty centres where you can experience relaxing treatments and Thai massages.

For the more intrepid, adventure activities during your holidays at River Kwai include white-water rafting, speed boat rides and river jumps, with jungle tours through the dense tropical rainforests. Check with your hotel’s holiday package deal for many organize these activities for you.

General Etiquette in River Kwai

•    Never take the last bite from the serving bowl.
•    Wait to be asked before taking a second helping.
•    Do not lick your fingers while eating.

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