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Richmond Holidays

If there is one place in America which is ideal for some history studies, it is Richmond. Richmond lies on the eastern shores of lake Champlain in laid back Vermont. The grandeur of the famous Green Mountains and a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere of Richmond are perfect for a week- long vacation. Richmond has great views on offer and it is an ideal place to go for the hiking trip you have been planning for long.

Richmond was founded in the year 1737 by the James River. Its history is marred by as many as eight civil wars. There are plenty of places of historical significance here which lend this place a plangent air. One of the most striking of such places is the pyramid built from 6-feet long stones sans mortar. The pyramid is huge and rises 55 feet above the soldiers buried at the cemetery nearby. Apart from its rich history, Richmond is also known for its golf courses and as a perfect family vacation destination. The tag line of Richmond-“Easy to Love”- is true to its core.

If you do not tip at restaurants in America, chances are that you will be frowned upon. Same holds true for Richmond as well. A 15-20% tip at restaurants is a considerate gesture. You should also tip the taxi driver in case he helps you with your luggage. A 5% tip to the taxi driver should be sufficient.

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