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Redington Holidays

The beautiful Redington Beach is situated on the barricade island in the Gulf. Redington Beach is near to Madeira Beach which is towards the south. Redington Beach is mainly a seafront residential commune, located in Pinellas County towards the western part of Tampa, Tampa Bay and St Petersberg.

The lovely town of Redington Beach is quite big with 5 public beach accesses and 4 town parks.  The beaches are big enough for fishing, relaxing and sunbathing. Redington Beach also offers a community recreation region with a huge children’s playground and basketball courts.
You can do a lot and see in the charming Redington beach with hotels offering you onsite water sport activities, recreational activities and huge private beaches for you to relax and unwind.
Redington beach can definitely offer you really good restaurants with the different cuisines to stir up your taste buds.
From shopping to boat cruises and fishing to golf, from exotic eating joints to beautiful resorts, Redington beach has it all.

Tipping in Florida is important as the waiters or room servants do not get much wage because they are expected to fill the difference by customer’s tips.
When smoking, it is advisable to smoke at a corner away from families, huge gatherings and children.
You would see Floridians as very open people, expressing their friendliness and openness through gestures like a pat on a back while shaking hands and a hug or a kiss while greeting when it comes to females.

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