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Rabac Holidays

Rabac holidays offer you a lovely village to explore on the Istrian coast lined with valleys, bays and beaches. In addition, fascinating promenades, greenery and a pleasant climate have contributed to Rabac developing as a popular tourist destination. It is a beautiful sheltered cove in Kvarner Bay and the towering slopes protect this charming town. It is just a 30-minute walk from Labin. Many hotels and resorts have established their presence in Rabac to cater to travellers. Adriac sporting centres in Rabac encourage thrilling and adventurous water sports, making Rabac holidays a lifetime experience. Rabac maintains high ecological quality standards. It has received the ‘Blue Flag’ award in recognition, raising the popularity of Rabac holidays. It has developed as a tourist resort with 15 hotels, apartment villages and several campsites to accommodate more than 10,000 tourists at any given time.

The pebble beaches of Rabac have developed a reputation for cleanliness, offering great relaxation moments during Rabac holidays. Snorkelling, windsurfing, skiing and diving are prominent sports, which make Rabac holidays full of adventure. Holidays to Rabac offer you fine forest trails at the slopes of Mt Ucka, which challenge walkers, bikers, cyclists and hikers. Rabac holidays give you the great opportunity to explore the Postjona caves or cruise around the island of Cres. Rabac is convenient to access other medieval towns like Labin, Pican, Paz, Boljun and spectacular islands like Cres, Krk, and Losinj. Many cultural events entertain and liven up Rabac in summer. Rabac has attracted many noted writers like Sir Richard Francis Burton. Germans, Austrians, Italians and English have been attracted to Rabac from many centuries.

General Etiquette to follow during Rabac holidays

Rabac holidays do not require you to tip at hotels as taxes are included in the bills. Try to finish your plate as most food and wine is home made and is considered impolite if you do not eat.

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