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Pula Holidays

Pula holidays offer you the opportunity to explore the largest port situated near the Gulf of Pula, at the southern part of the peninsula of Istria. You will be witness to shipbuilding, wine making, tourism and fishing, the main occupations of the locals, during your Pula holidays. It stretches to about 190 kms coastline lined with spectacular sand and pebble beaches and vineyards. You will also find Roman architectural style while strolling through the town centre during your holidays to Pula. Pula holidays offer diverse attractions for people of all ages. Being centrally located, tourists often stay at Pula and then visit all the other attractions nearby. Most artists and architects list Pula as a vital destination to view some spectacular works, thus highlighting the importance of Pula holidays.

The Romans who considered it their headquarters for all administrative purposes often called Pula, ‘Terra Magica’. There are many Roman ruins that are remarkable works of Roman architecture. Your Pula holidays will offer you the opportunity to witness the 1st century Roman amphitheatre. Churches dating back to early centuries are worth visiting. A visit to the Archaeological Museum of Istria enlightens one regarding Romans during the medieval ages. Your Pula holidays will offer you secluded and private beaches. Children enjoy a visit to these pebble beaches and collect the smooth and even stones.

Waters are clear, crystal blue and sparkling. Your Pula holidays will offer you the opportunity to witness the main town square that has survived generations from the Augustan Age; it is a unique experience by itself. Galleries, shops and streets of Pula make your Pula holidays delightful. Discos and bars, pop and rock concerts add to the exciting Croatian nightlife, making Pula holidays lively. Aruba and Club Uljanik offer disco and DJ nights. Sailors really enjoy the indented and vast coastline. There is an array of Adriatic sports for the keen enthusiasts.

General Etiquette to follow during Pula holidays

Tipping is not essential as most bills include tips and taxes in the bill. Remember that Croatians consider it rude if you do not eat at a formal dinner gathering. Appreciate the food and wine as they are mostly homemade and fresh. Following these tips will ensure a pleasant Pula holiday experience.

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