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Puerto Vallarta Holidays

Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican beach resort in the state of Jalisco. Sparkling blue waters (Bay of Flags), lush mountains, sandy beaches, quaint shops, cobbled streets characterise this town. It is indeed the most striking resort with an eclectic mix of tradition and modern cultures. You can get to view exciting bullfights and dine at the beachside cafes or enjoy the finest in resort living. Cruises, horse rides, day trips and water sports make it an adventurous Mexican holiday. This picturesque beach resort of Mexico is a perfect haven for photographers. There are abundant attractions and activities for people of all ages. It is also a chosen place for rest and relaxation. Celebrities love the luxury Mexican holidays. Beach holidays in Puerto Vallarta is popular amongst the American and European especially the British.

Spectacular Beach Resort Of Puerto Vallarta

There are golden beaches that are unspoilt and clear. The glorious sunsets attracts many visitors from all over the world. Live concerts, beach parties and themed events held are highly entertaining. Water sports holidays in Mexico includes sport fishing, snorkelling and windsurfing. Being a golfing destination, there are magnificent golf courses that hold championship games. Divers find scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico an impressive and fascinating spot. The cobbled streets sell many Indian wares and interesting pieces of art. Taco stands and quesadillas are very Mexican. Locals welcome the tourists warmly and are extremely hospitable. Puerto Vallarta is highly popular among the gays of Mexico.  Late night dinners and vibrant discos and bars add sizzle to the Mexican nightlife.   

Luxurious villas, condominiums, 5-star hotels and B&B’s offer comfortable lodging for a holiday in Mexico. Wide and varied cuisine is available but Mariscos or seafood is fresh and delicious. Children love fun-filled Mexican holidays with water parks, theme parks, playgrounds, dolphin shows, whale spotting and exotic bird shows. Puerto Vallarta experiences tropical climate with abundant sunshine and pleasant water temperatures. It exhibits perfect harmony of natural beauty and authentic tradition of Mexican holidays.   

General Etiquette in Puerto Vallarta

Remember to tip in pesos as the workers earn minimum wages. Carry your bathing suit, sunscreens and drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration in an otherwise magical holiday in Mexico.

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