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Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria Holidays

Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria is a purpose-built resort located at the tip of the southern coast of Gran Canaria. Puerto Rico boasts splendid, warm weather and plentiful sunshine. Both a fantastic summer and winter holiday destination, Puerto Rico is one of the most popular resorts of Gran Canaria.

The Puerto Rican beach is a manmade, artificial beach. Golden sand from the Sahara Desert was imported to cover the original volcanic, sand-less stretch of the Puerto Rican beach. The Puerto Rican beach is small and sheltered and there are a number of steep cliffs surrounding the resort. All kinds of water sports can be enjoyed at Puerto Rico: scuba-diving, wind-surfing, jet-skiing, boating, parasailing, sport-fishing, etc. As the center of all fun activities, it can often get very crowded during the summer and winter holiday seasons. Those who like a little quiet and privacy, take advantage of the area behind the beach. This public area has two swimming pools surrounded by tropical gardens and beautiful flowering plants. Also, 3kms away is the peaceful resort of Playa del Cura for those who’d like to spend a few restful hours in the sun.

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