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Puerto Naos Holidays

Puerto Naos is located on the western slopes of the island of La Palma. A place of amazing beauty, it displays a picturesque landscape of protruding cliffs, submissive plains, soft grasslands and tranquil sands. Puerto Naos beach is the longest beach in La Palma. It houses several modern complexes and facilities and attracts a number of holidaymakers annually.

Puerto Naos was once a small fishing village in the west coast of La Palma, and the landing place of banana boats, although not much remains to be seen. Today, Puerto Naos is swarmed by sea-front apartments populating a coastal town lined with shops, bars and various dining options. Puerto Naos sits on the sunny side of La Palma and enjoys glorious climate throughout the year. With a black sandy beach flanking blue waters, it is the hub of holidaymakers seeking the sun and warm Atlantic sea. Also, scuba-diving at Puerto Naos is especially recommended and a memorable experience.

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