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Propriano Holidays

Propriano is a tiny tourist destination on the southwest coast of Corsica. A commune in the Corse-du-Sud department, Propriano is located on the narrowest stretch of the Golfe de Valinco. Propriano boasts a thriving marina, stunning beaches, and a natural harbor. Propriano has come to be known as a charming town around its buzzing port.

Majestic Propriano

Propriano lies 57 km southeast of Ajaccio, the Corsican capital. Lively Propriano has become a tourist hotspot for its lively beaches that attract tourists in droves. What’s more, during summers, you can find a number of lifeguards along the coast in Propriano waiting to ward off any tragedy, as thousands of people throng the crowded beach. The turquoise waters offer a pleasant view during the daytime when the sun is over the head in Propriano. It is a pleasant time to be out there on the beach under the open sky in Propriano.

General Etiquette

Propriano is much like any other Corsican township. Its native French language is often supplemented by Latin. Though people are mostly tourist friendly, the presence of underworld elements is a law and order problem in this beautiful paradise. However, vigilant tourists seldom face any obstruction in their tranquil and enchanting holiday in Propriano.

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