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Prazeres Holidays

Prazeres is a part of the Madeira Autonomous Region. It is a scenic village in Portugal that is easily recognisable by the wooden plateaus that form its core characteristic. Being placed on a plateau, Prazeres is a high-altitude place, perched at a height of over 2000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. These mountains offer a great view of the ocean, what with agriculture, the lifeblood of the population, lacing the mountains. Prazeres gets its name from a relatively small chapel located here that goes by the name of ‘Our Lady of Prazeres’.

Prazeres is distinguished from other villages of Madeira mainly by its walkways. These are the defining characteristic of Prazeres. Most of these walkways have names. Some of the more popular ones include ’25 fountains’ and the ‘Carminho Real do Paul do Mor’, or the PR 19. The second of these starts in Prazeres and stretches to a distance of two km, at a height of over 500 metres. There could no better experience of Prazeres than taking any of these walkways.

In most hotels of Prazeres, it is best to avoid taking out pets. These are welcomed in homes and other accommodations, but as far as hotels and restaurants are concerned, these are not looked upon very fondly. A waiter is not to be looked down upon as a person who has come to serve; rather, greater the affection and cordiality shown, better the service one gets. Human nature, after all! And yes, tipping is another major trait here. In Prazeres, tipping is definitely welcome, although 10 percent is standard, as it is across Madeira. Tourists to Prazeres are advised not to look for help while carrying handicapped persons, because aiding them is not considered a courtesy here. One has to help oneself while travelling with a handicapped or aged person in Prazeres. Children, though, are more than welcome.

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