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Praia do Forte Holidays

Praia do Forte is a resort town located 80 km north of Salvador. Praia do Forte is a fishing village which becomes apparent when you see the colourful fishing boats moored on the sandy beach. Tourism explosion has transformed this small fishing village into an ecological reserve and is often considered to be Carmel-by-the-sea (California) of Bahia, Brazil. The tourist district of Praia do Forte is developed around high end restaurants, boutiques and sandy beaches fringed with palm trees. The Praia do Forte beaches are unique in that they have high reefs extending around 150 feet into the ocean. The reefs are exposed by receding water during low tide which strands colourful sea creatures and fishes in small tide pools. These tide pools offer glimpse of the exotic marine life that abounds in the areas around Praia do Forte. There is a marine park located at 2km distance from the town which offers many unique snorkelling spots. Other snorkelling spots that are worth visiting are where the

Pristine Praia do Forte

During your holidays in Praia do Forte, you will be struck by its simplicity and natural beauty. Praia do Forte is a rustic and unsophisticated coastal village in north east Brazil. Praia do Forte has a rural appeal and if you are looking for a quiet getaway with perfect weather and plenty of sand, Praia do forte would fit your bill. Definitely, Praia do Forte is where you can spend the mornings, indulging in swimming, sailing, snorkelling or scuba diving, afternoons relaxing with a spa treatment and evenings being entertained by the various programs organized by hotels, pubs, restaurants and clubs in the area. Praia do Forte holidays would definitely put reinvigorate you. The place is family and children friendly and plays host to many local tourists as well as adventurous holiday makers from all over the world. There are many natural parks surrounding the areas around Praia do Forte and you can take a break from the sand and sea to explore these during your holidays in Praia do Forte. The small fishing town of Praia do Forte continues to retain its character of charming simple cobbled streets, square and profuse friendly Brazilian village atmosphere. Local shops selling local art and craft, carved statues, jewellery, masks, paintings etc are rampant in the town square as well as in stalls near the beaches.

General Etiquette in Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte, Brazil with its unassuming locals are very tourist friendly. Tipping is not a custom here even though tips are graciously appreciated more so because of the low wages earned by service staff. Tipping is not obligatory and is completely left to the discretion of visitors. A 10% service charge is mentioned in the final bill in restaurants but it is not necessary for you to pay it. Taxis transferring you from or to airport usually charge R$3 per suitcase and the normal taxi meter charge is rounded off to the next whole number. Separate tip is not expected or required. It is normal to tip your chamber maids and other service staff at the hotel. Do not forget to tip your local guide and tour organizers during your holidays in Praia do Forte.

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