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Praia De Oura Holidays

Praia de Oura is a vacation resort located just east of Albufeira in Portugal. Praia de Oura literally means “the Golden Beach”. Naturally then, the beach is the main attraction at Praia de Oura. Like most of the other resorts in Portugal, Praia de Oura is also in the stages of development. Apartments and high rise buildings are coming up thick and fast here in an unplanned manner. This gives the city a chaotic, old world charm. And the beautiful sandy beach ensures that the concrete fatigued eyes have a ready respite at all times.

Praia de Oura is a perfect holiday destination for families and couples alike. Nestled between the happening Vilamoura and the bustling town of Albufeira, Praia de Oura offers the best of both worlds. It a city of hidden alcoves and grottoes. It has a mystical charm to it which attracts anybody and everybody to it. The long walks along the coastline and beautiful sunsets are a magical experience to be had. All this makes Praia de Oura a haven for honeymooners. The place also gives an opportunity to get intimate with the cultural diversity of Portugal and its traditions.

Tipping is a social norm in this place, unlike Japanese culture. In restaurants, a 10% tip is considered good etiquettes. One does not need to tip the taxi drivers here. However, rounding up of the taxi fare is considered a polite gesture in Praia de Oura. No tipping is necessary in pubs unless served by a hostess.

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