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Praia da Rocha Holidays

Praia da Rocha is a beach in Portimao, Algarva, Portugal. Praia da Rocha is between the towns of Portimao and Alvor. This beach resort has been establishes since 1930’s as a tourist destination with its yellow sands and deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Ochre cliffs frame the beach and the sea has sculpted them in different forms of pinnacles, buttresses and caves. When the sunshine glitters upon them they shimmer and create vibrant and colourful hue tones. All this makes Praia da Rocha one of the most photographed beach resorts in the world. A new wooden walkway has been constructed with cafes and shops lined behind it. This has facilitated comfort and aided access to the beach life in Praia da Rocha.

Spectacular Beach Town of Algarve – Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha is termed an ‘Accessible Beach’ with lifeguard stations manning it efficiently. There is also a first-aid post to attend to emergencies. There are many access points to the beach; ramp access aids the disabled. Fortaleza da Santa Caterina is at the east end of the beach and a new pedestrian pavement at Tomas Cabreira avenue is to the west end of the beach. Both are spectacular viewpoints and very popular with tourists. The locals of Praia da Rocha have termed the rock formulations as Three Bears, Indented Rocks and Two brothers. ‘Rock Beach’ is the other name for this beach.

General Etiquette in Praia da Rocha

Taxi drivers, maids and waiters earn low wages and are dependant on tips. It is customary to tip 5-10% as a token of appreciation. The Portuguese are polite and well mannered; it is rude behaviour to snap or shout at staff. There are practically no queues in Praia da Rocha. English is widely spoken and French is a second language, so it is easy to converse.

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