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Praia da Falesia Holidays

Praia da Falesia is between Albufeira and Quarteira towns of Portugal. Praia da Falesia is the longest beach in Algarve at 7-8 kms. This is a nondescript tourist destination with few back roads and private complexes scattered in the locality. Restaurants, cafes, bars, up-market shops line the main road in Praia da Falesia. The town is dotted with white villages and Arab style architecture. Arabs have settled here for more than 5 centuries. Agriculture and craft are the main occupations of the people in Praia da Falesia.

Best Beach of Algarve – Praia da Falesia

Praia da Falesia is one of the best and the longest beaches of Algarve. The beach has a deserted look and offers plenty of privacy. People seem scattered and there seems to be plenty of private space for everyone. The cliff overlooks the beach and the views are magnificent. Red hues, golden sand, intensely blue waters and the glitter of the sun add to the magic of Praia da Falesia. The marina of Vilamoura is to the west of the beach and Albufeira is to the east. Lifeguards protect this beach. Hence, it is safe for children to play.  

General Etiquette in Praia da Falesia

Service charges are not accounted in hotels and restaurants. Tip taxi drivers and waiters at least 10% of the amount as a gesture of appreciation. Be properly attired while visiting religious places. Buy a phrase book to converse with locals though most Portuguese speak English and French.

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