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Postira Holidays

Postira holidays offer you the opportunity to witness a lovely harbour on the island of Brac, belonging to the Split-Dalmatia County. The favourable position makes Postira a popular fishing community. Smaller bays, rocky beaches and pine trees surround Postira. Postira holidays offer you plenty of activities to enjoy fishing, agriculture, tourism, stone masonry and canning are the main occupations in. The land is very fertile and therefore Postira is famous for its homemade wines and olive oil that is locally produced, making Postira holidays a lovely experience.

There are plenty of olive groves and vineyards in Postira. Prvija, Lovrecina, Mala Lozna and Zastivanje are the beaches that attract many tourists. You will find many recreational sport facilities for outdoor events during your Postira holidays. Enjoy fishing picnics during your holidays to Postira. Historic heritage, unique gastronomy and a memorable island experience make your Postira holiday experience incredible. Postira holidays offer spectacular views, and exploring Postira is an unforgettable experience by itself.

Lovely Brac Island Postira

Limestone and dolomite dominate the island landscape. These have made the buildings ornate by virtue of the stones used. The brown Primorje soils offer fertility and dense green cultivation lines Postira, making Postira holidays a unique experience to enjoy. Your holidays in Postira will offer you the opportunity to explore the vast natural landscape, popular for olive oil, grape fruit, sour cherries and almond. This region is beautiful in summer with tourists relaxing at the bays and beaches. Postira holidays are worth enjoying when flowers are in full bloom and are a pleasant sight.

Postira holidays offer you the opportunity to listen to the sound of cicadas and the smell of fresh fish liven up the senses. The carnivals in Postira add a lot of gaiety and entertainment. Holidays in Postira are simply charming throughout the year, with friendly and hospitable people. Postira holidays offer you comfortable accommodation, with modern amenities available. Explore this amazing island of Postira with its incredible hue tones and charming Mediterranean way of life. It can be the most peaceful and soothing break that you require.

General Etiquette in Postira

Bills in hotels and restaurants generally include tips and taxes. During your Postira holidays, it is not necessary to offer tips unless you are in a large group of 6 people and above. If you are invited to visit locals, appreciate the home made cooking that includes a drink called Rakia (tastes like plum brandy) and ensure you empty your plate. It is impolite to attend a dinner gathering and refrain from eating during your holidays in Postira.

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