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Poste de Flacq Holidays

Poste de Flacq, a small town in the Flacq region of Mauritius, is a beautiful place to visit and an ideal holidays destination. Mauritius holidays are famous for its beaches and the nightlife. However, not many plan to go to Poste de Flacq, an idyllic village situated at the east coast.

Holidays in Mauritius are usually synonymous with the blue lagoons and the beaches. However, Poste de Flacq captures a more traditional side of the island country. This coastal town had been left wild for many years. Barring a few colonial style French Bungalows, there was not much in Poste de Flacq. However, this sparsely populated town, though less developed than the rest of the island country, is fast becoming a Mauritius holiday destination of interest among travellers from all over the world.

The charm of spending holidays in Mauritius can be increased by visiting the quaint town of Poste De Flacq. The town is ideally situated, with the crystal blue lagoons on one side and the rich mountains on the other. These mountains have thick vegetation and the villagers have taken to them for cultivation of sugar cane and other fresh produce. Farming and poultry are the main occupations of the people at Poste de Flacq. The increasing tourism to the town has prompted its growth and today this laid back town has several banks and a post office.

Entertaining in Poste de Flacq

The town itself is very relaxed and laid back, but there are plenty of places within reach where there is an active nightlife. Within the town itself, you can enjoy the beautiful beach or go trekking. The livelier towns of Providence, Pont Blanc and Constance are very close to the small town of Poste de Flacq. There is a market place in Poste de Flacq, which is set up on the weekends and sells local produce and curios. Those who have come to holiday in Mauritius can take back souvenirs from the local market.

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