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Portugal Weather

Portugal exhibits a Mediterranean type of climate and is one of the warmest regions of Europe. Though, its Northern part is a bit cooler than its southern part, Portugal has dry, hot summers and cool and dry winters. Portugal holidays thus might challenge you with the dry heat or wet chill; therefore it’s advisable to carry an umbrella for your own safety. Temperature as high as 47 C have been clocked in Alentejo. The best time of climate to travel on your Portugal holidays is considered to be from Mid-June to Mid-September when the average temperature is around 27 C countrywide. July though becomes hotter especially in the southern side. However if heat is an issue, you can try the autumn or the spring season when the crowd is smaller and Portugal still retains the warmth or the verdant respectively.

Another time to travel for your Portugal holidays is the winter time when the prices are really low and the swarm of the people is lot smaller. Many of the places are shut down due to the hostile weather however you can have a lifetime opportunity of experiencing the Portugal’s traditional side on such Portugal holidays.

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