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Portugal Hotels

With its tourist being mostly Europeans, accommodation in Portugal matches the expectations most of the time. The country has a huge facility of hotels for its vacationers from five star hotels to a galore of economy hotels. Accommodation will be the last concern on Portugal holidays.

Five Star Hotels

Lapa Palace: A serene five star hotel with all luxuries and Spas. Rooms offer great views of the river and garden. An ideal five star resort for anyone in Portugal holidays.

Royal Savoy: Great food, great room service and accommodation, Royal Savoy has everything that one can ask for. Another great hotel for Portugal holidays.

Sheraton Algarve Hotel: Located in a terrific setting of Portugal coast, Sheraton offers great stay and culinary facilities. A great hotel for Portugal holidays.

Reid's Palace, Funchal: With exceptional guest service, Reid’s palace is definitely one of those places where all your luxury expectations are satiated with good effect. A beautiful hotel backed by superb service for Portugal holidays.

Hotel Infante Sagres, Porto: The hotel retains the charm of its old architecture and is placed centrally in Porto. Service and facilities are basic to say the least. Overall a good option for people in Porto during Portugal holidays

Mid Range Hotels

Mercure Lisboa: An absolute value for money, the hotel is a part of hotel chain and takes pride in its service and hygiene. A good option for people on Portugal holidays

Hotel Girassol: A quite and serene hotel ideal for slightly older people. The hotel provides exceptional and prompt room-service and food.

Hotel Rocamar: Located near to the beach, the hotel offers value for location. A good option for beach lovers on Portugal holidays.

Porto Mare Residence: Another good value for location hotel, Porto Mare is located in Madeira and is a popular resort for people on Portugal holidays.

Dom Henrique Hotel: This is a hotel that grows on you as you stay there. Though the old building needs some refurbishing, the place still retains the smashing views and sights. A good value for money overall for people on Portugal holidays.

Cheapest Hotels

Pouso dos Anjos, Lisbon: Located in Lisbon, this is a good value for money hotel offering basic accommodation facilities for the price that they charge. It’s a nice cheap option for Portugal holidays.

Residencial Colombo, Funchal: Very friendly staff dedicatedly serves this hotel for a price that will blow you away. With almost all the basic facilities, it’s a great accommodation option for Portugal holidays.

Quinta da Bellavista Apartments, Albufeira: A perfect place for people looking for cheap hotel with sanity and basic facilities, the hotel often surprises people with its cheap rates and high sense of hygiene.

Hotel Musa d'Ajuda, Funchal: Actually an apartment block, the hotel services are slightly far from the main rooms. Though slightly inconvenient people to the concept everything under one umbrella, this hotel with all its limitation is still value for money for people on Portugal holidays.

Hotel Nave,Porto: Another cheap hotel option for Portugal holidays with basic facilities and food service.

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