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Portugal Holidays

Holidays to Portugal are all about exploration and walking that extra mile to discover a street that very few have seen. History literally walks with you in this country with all the monuments, canons, churches and castles around you. At ZipHolidays, we try to get the most secretive of information available beforehand, lot before you set on your Portugal Holidays.

Probably one of the best kept secret of Iberian Peninsula, Portugal offers enough space to cut loose of the buzz and humming of the crowd. A quick walk to the country side will make you come in front of the whole history of Portugal. Portugal holidays will spellbind you with its rustic charm and medieval castles. Its picturesque villages besides flower laden hill will mesmerise you by its beauty.

With coastlines and many beaches, Portugal holidays will offer opportunities for exploration, sun bathing, great food and gorgeous sight seeing. Portugal holidays are a great way of breaking free from the mundane holidays and set your foot on the land of explorers and great discoveries.

History, culture: Portugal

Located in the south-western Europe, this peninsular land was a place where many prehistoric and medieval settlements took place. The land changed hands from Germanics, Romans and Moors. Portugal holidays will bring you face to face with the architectural wealth of the place. The many forts, castles and canons talk at length of the great conquests and innovations that were made during the early civilisations of Portugal.

Vasco da Gama and other explorers of the land discovered and annexed places like Brazil, East Timor, Goa, Ormuz and Malacca. On your Portugal holidays you will find a very balanced blend of different architecture, food and music. Goa holidays and holidays in Portugal have this common blend of Portuguese culture.

Culture here however has been predominantly Latin culture of the ancient Rome. Portugal was once the world’s most powerful cultural, political and economic powers in the world. With its Age of Discovery, Portuguese explorers went in all directions and added significantly in the trade as well as the culture of the land

Terrain, Demography and language

Spread around 92,345 square kms of land, the beaches, estuaries, cliffs, mountains and coves make the Portugal terrain a bit uneven however gives ample space and option to the discerning travellers to pick the terrain of their choice. On Portugal holidays you can choose from the sunny beaches of Algarve, Ilha de Tavira on the south or the mountainous terrain of Serra da Estrela. So, on Portugal holidays you can go to the picturesque mountains or pristine beaches to have fun to your heart full.

Quite unusually the population has been homogenous through out its history. A single religion and language has built on its culture and ethics contributing to the unity of the land. However due to decolonisation, immigrants have flocked Portugal and have added to its diversity. Muslims, Jews, Protestants besides Christian population exist in Portugal and ancestry of the major population could be traced down to Greeks, Lusitanians, Romans, Germanic and others. On your Portugal holidays you might come across different ethnic groups like Brazilians, Capeverdeans, Ukrainians, Angolans et all.

The major religion of the land is Christianity and the language is Portuguese besides Mirandese being the only recognised regional language. So before going on Portugal holidays, try to learn few words of regard and the number system for effective bargaining and socialising.

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