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Porto Holidays

Porto is one of the finest tourist destinations not only in France, but also in the entire Europe. Located in the lap of nature and surrounded by mountains, Porto is admired by tourists as an easy-going seaside resort well-known for stunning sunsets and red granite rocks on the Calanche coastline. Uniquely intense, loaded atmosphere interspersed with the all-encompassing eucalyptus and spicy fragrance of the maquis is the hallmark of Porto. UNESCO has declared Golfe de Porto a world heritage site for its varied flora and fauna.

Scenic Porto

Porto has developed primarily on account of vast inflow of tourists. Located 30 km south of Calvi, Porto is one of the most fascinating places to stay on the west coast. Abundant wildlife, outcrops of red granite rocks, stunning villages, overwhelming propinquity of the mountains, picturesque places, and many more attractions make Porto an attraction for tourists. There are churches in Porto that date back to Greek and Roman ages. Beaches in Porto always remain overwhelmed by sunbathing tourists. Nature reserves attract tourists from all over the world. The nearby scenic villages, such as Pianna, Ota, Evisa, are worth visiting. The Mediterranean weather and stunning scenery make Porto a hot favorite. Mild climate and bustling life in Porto add to its soothing and rejuvenating attractions.

General Etiquette

There is no strict behavioral trend in Porto, as tourists from all hues visit this place. However, it will be best if one knows French. Though attendants in hotels and restaurants speak English, Latin, and Spanish, French is mostly understood by the locals. Knowing French also helps in dealing with locals and getting a good deal from guides and shopkeepers in Porto. The people in Porto are liberal in dress code and are very friendly. However, being a tourist destination, money and allurement are discernible in the dealings by shopkeepers and hoteliers.

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