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Porto Santo Holidays

This island of fewer than 5,000 people sits comfortably and seamlessly. It has no land borders whatsoever, and this makes Porto Santo one of the most lovable sights in Madeira, Portugal. Porto Santo is placed at the confluence formed by the easternmost and northernmost parts of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Records show that Porto Santo was discovered in 1419 by two Portuguese navy captains by chance. It is said they were blown away by a storm and were safely landed here by Providence. This is why the survivors of this shipwreck gave it the name Porto Santo is known by today. It literally translates into “divine port” or “Holy Harbour”. The main island of Porto Santo consists of five islets – Ilhéu de Cima (east); Ilhéu das Cenouras (near north);Ilhéu de Fora (far north); Ilhéu de Baixo ou da Cal (south) and Ilhéu de Ferro (southwest), which run along Porto Santo’s nine-km beach. It has an uneven geography. Porto Santo’s two hill ranges range from 283 metres in the wes

Porto Santo’s capital is Vila Baleira. Because of its location, Porto Santo is deemed a part of the autonomous region of Madeira. This makes Porto Santo a peculiar geographical entity in the sense that it is one of only two islands in this region to be actually inhabited, the other being Madeira Island itself. Another factor makes it different –Porto Santo is surprisingly devoid of parishes, an all-too regular feature of the places in and around Madeira. Porto Santo is just one of five municipalities in all of Madeira to have only a solitary parish. This gives Porto Santo a kind of unique identity.

General Etiquette in Porto Santo
As in the rest of the Madeira Islands, generous tippers are usually welcome. A 10 percent tip on the value of the bill is the norm, although the tourist may not cause any offence by giving smaller or higher tips. The waiters normally are very polite, and usually address guests with a bow of the head, a mark of respect in Porto Santo. Talking loudly in hotels and restaurants is usually disliked and frowned upon. It is tolerated to an extent, after which the management makes sure the tourist is evicted. Waiters don’t like to be shouted at in Porto Santo. A tourist who does that may better look for another place to fill the stomach. Service Tax is 10 percent on anything that is consumed.

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