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Porto Pollo Holidays

Porto Pollo is the most preferred gateway to Corsica. Families seeking sunny and warm beach holidays find this place enticing than many other destinations on the Mediterranean coast. Located at the confluence of Gulf of Valinco and River Taravo, this small village has grown to become a famed seaside resort. Serene beaches, picturesque bay, gentle maquis-veiled hills provide ample scope for relaxing peacefully and enjoying holidays in Porto Pollo.

Breathtaking Porto Pollo

Porto Pollo is ideally placed to explore the southwest of Corsica. Surrounded by beautiful rolling green hills and scenic bay, it is quite charming for tourists. The Porto Pollo beach resort set amid tranquil and lush green landscape offer a beautiful view of the coast. The long and sheltered sandy beaches are perfect spots for water sport lovers. Nearby places and offshore coral reefs are perfect for nature lovers to explore. The famed prehistoric site at Filitosa and the lively and well-liked town of Propriano are not far from Porto Pollo.

General Etiquette

Porto Pollo etiquettes are the intermix of French and Italian trends. However, the Corsican trend is easily discernible in the behavior of the local people.  Giving tips in recognition of good service is a good manner in Porto Pollo. Knowing French or Italian really helps in Porto Pollo. Due to high tourist presence in Corsica, theft has become a problem in all areas, including Porto Pollo. Always carry less money and keep yourself alert and aware of your surroundings.

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