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Porto Moniz Holidays

Porto Moniz is a bewitching little agricultural and fishing village that is located in what may be called the highest point in the north western part of Madeira in Portugal. It is best known for its enchanting view on the seafront. It is situated at the point where a small strip of peninsular Portugal meets an islet that goes by the name of Ilheu Mole. What makes Porto Moniz unique is the huge number of natural swimming pools that are formed by the peninsular waters of this place. These pools are formed at the edges of the volcanic rocks that have stood still for centuries. Porto Moniz is believed to be an eponymous village, named after Francisco Moniz, who was a grandson-in-law of the person who discovered this village, Goncalves Zarco.

Porto Moniz is a spiritually touched village that is nested in a cosy meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean. Its nearest town is Sao Vicente, which is the place the 17th century saint, St. Vincent, is known to have blessed. Porto Moniz is heavily influenced by this saint’s parish, which is all of 10 miles from here. Although Porto Moniz has four parishes of its own, they all follow the practices of this Church.  One of the highlights of Porto Moniz is the portrait of St. Vincent blessing the town. This picture can be found in almost every household of Porto Moniz. The sheer beauty of the journey from Porto Moniz to Sao Vicente is something that even the most artistic and articulate person will find difficult to describe. It is easily one of the most exhilarating journeys anywhere in Europe. The road is actually a small corridor that has been carved from inside the rocks of these rugged mountains; the tourist from Porto Moniz to Sao Vicente is certain to be captivated by the rising and falling road that is flanked by endless stretches of water on either side. This journey is a must-include in the itinerary of any tourist.

General Etiquette in Porto Moniz
Most hotels in Porto Moniz carry a 10 percent Service Tax, which is usually not included in the price list. The customary tipping practice is 10 percent, although this is not a rule. When you lose patience at a waiter in Porto Moniz and shout, expect to not have a waiter coming your way for ages!

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