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Porto Heli Holidays

Porto Heli holidays would bring you to the eastern coast of The Peloponnese, Greece. The Porto Heli resort is very popular and you can find that it appeals to both international as well as local tourists. The main attraction of Porto Heli holidays is its natural harbour that overlooks the Saronic Gulf. Porto Heli holidays would offer you easy access to many spectacular beaches near by. Holidays to Porto Heli can be enjoyed by indulging in water sports like boating, snorkeling as well as visit sites of historical significance like the shrine of Asclepios. Porto Heli marina has good bars, restaurants, caf├ęs and nightclubs allowing visitors here a lively night life as well.

Holidays to Porto Heli would appeal to young and old alike. The resort of Porto Heli is nestled in the prefecture of natural harbour of Argolis. Athens, the capital city is located at a distance of 190 km from Porto Heli. Tourists on holidays to Porto Heli would have no problems with accommodation or food. Porto Heli offer visitors a wide choice of accommodation as well as exquisite restaurants and affordable tavernas. You can stroll along the bay and explore ruins of ancient city of Halieis. The surrounding villages and fantastic ocean views make Porto Heli holidays immensely pleasurable. Spend an afternoon at the many boutiques and supermarket here.

General Etiquette in Porto Heli

Tipping is accepted in Porto Heli, Greece. A tip of 10 to 15% is common even though not obligatory. You can tip based on your experience with service in restaurants. People are casually dressed in Porto Heli. It is better to avoid going to restaurants that advertise free wines or those who have aggressive marketing strategies that follow you right up to the end of the restaurant street.

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