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Porto and The Costa Verde Holidays

Located in the northwest of Portugal, the stunning stretch of coastline, popularly known as Costa Verde is a tranquil and historically rich spot to visit. Oporto or Porto offers a fantastic view to the tourists and locals alike, with its unspoiled extensive bays, fascinating hillside towns, medieval cathedrals and museums, excellent restaurants, picturesque landscape of undulating green hills, majestic waterfalls, and flourishing vineyards. In fact, the Porto and The Costa Verde gives a glimpse of the real Portugal.

Breathtaking Porto And The Costa Verde

Situated on the banks of the Douro River, Oporto or Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, is a breathtaking place to visit.  Standing tall on the cliffs above the banks of Douro River, Porto and The Costa Verde region is home to a number of beautiful medieval cathedrals and museums. Boasting an air of elegance, with its attractive narrow streets, chic restaurants, and a riverside district donning the crown of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a popular port wine manufactured in the lodges of Vila Nova de Gaia, spectacular sandy beaches, beautiful natural reserves, fishing villages, seaside resorts, traveling in Porto and The Costa Verde is cheaper than other popular destinations in Portugal. The beauty of the entire region is breathtaking – offering a mesmerizing day life and a vibrant nightlife. Though the city has a deep bonding with its traditional and ancient roots, a modern and vibrant commerce has made it a thriving city, which continues to expand and develop, and attract tourists. The charm and character of its ancient living have been very well preserved.

General Etiquette in Porto and The Costa Verde

As a favorite tourist destination, Porto and The Costa Verde is not intolerant to attire. In Porto and The Costa Verde, English is widely spoken along with Portuguese, which is the official language. It is considered a good manner to shake hands to greet others and also when leaving. Though the locals are quite friendly, they practice restraint while dealing with strangers. Tipping is common in hotels even though service charges are part of the bills in most of the hotels in Porto and The Costa Verde. Tipping to taxi drivers is also common, as they are usually tipped about 10% of the fare. It is common to cover legs and arms while visiting churches or during religious feast days.  Wearing any kind of attire is not an issue in Porto and The Costa Verde. Smoking is common in Porto and The Costa Verde, thus non-smokers are recommended not to protest against this.

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