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Portland Things To Do

Portland Classical Chinese Garden: With five elements in the form of Stone, Water, Plants, Architecture and Literature, this classical garden has been built on he same lines as its Chinese equivalent. This is the biggest Chinese garden outside of China. The highlight is that all the plants are indigenously Chinese. Portland holidays will be incomplete without a visit to this garden.

Powell's City of Books: This is a book lovers’ paradise on their Portland holidays. With a whooping one million books, this is America’s biggest library. People wishing to visit this place should get their hands on the map that helps in the labyrinth of rows and columns. One can easily spend hours in a room browsing through the categories so if its rain during Portland holidays you know where to go.

Pittock Mansion: This mansion was owned by Henry Pittock, Portland pioneer and owner of Oregonian newspaper. During your holidays to Portland you can make use of a guide for a better look around of this place. The place is famous for its turn of the century architecture and preservation.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden: A beautiful park that blooms in Summers, Crysal S R Garden is definitely a place to visit during Portland holidays.

Oaks Amusement Park: An amusement park that takes you back in time with its ride and activities all amidst scenic beauty, Oaks opened up in 1905 and runs as a popular destination till date for the people on their Portland holidays.

Ira Keller Fountain Park: A perfect place to take a breather from the walking intensive Portland holidays. Take off your shoes and socks and dip them in many of the mini waterfalls. A serene and calming place for the hectic and attractions packed Portland holidays.

Portland Japanese Garden: Another serene and natural wealth of Portland. People looking for tranquillity should look no further during their Portland holidays. Japanese Garden is a no-smoking and no eating zone so fill yourself nicely before entering the premises.

Oregon Maritime Centre & Museum: Here you can see Boats and Ships that once travelled along the Columbia and Willamette rivers. One can walk in and on the ship’s many rooms and see an array of pictures and models. A must visit nautical museum on Portland holidays.

Eco Tours of Oregon: They are famous for their information and entertainment value. Tours ranging around five hours will take you the various sights of Portland and make you aware of the ways in which the Oregon administration has preserved their natural resources. A must experience tour during Portland holidays.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry: This is a great repository of fossils found in Gobi desert. A great place for archaeologists to study fossils and evolution during their Portland holidays.

Hub World Travel – OregonTours: Depending on your choice you can go hiking or pick city tours, Hub World Travel will meet all your requirements (they are famous for this) and make your whole Portland holidays cherishable.

The Grotto - National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother: It’s another peaceful garden for your Portland holidays to visit. It features a replica of Michelangelo’s Pieta and conducts various shows for entertainment and religious information.

International Rose Test Garden: A free of charge garden, Rose Test Garden is famous for the variety of roses it houses and the sight of Mt. Hood. One can buy souvenirs of Rose themes from the gift shop.

Japanese American Historical Plaza: A historical site of honouring US Japanese people who were interned in the WW-II relocation camps. It’s a must visit site during Portland holidays especially after a long shopping spree of at Skidmore Fountain.

Portland Art Museum: If arts and painting fascinates you then this museum is a must visit during Portland holidays. It houses around 35,000 works of art. The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday.

Willamette Valley: This is a gorgeous valley flanked by coasts and cascades. A beautiful sight for Portland holidays. What more there are innumerable wineries nearby as well!

•Portland Aerial Tram: The tram will show a kaleidoscope of vistas of Willamette Valley and downtown Portland. At $4 a trip to the top of the university campus, it is a great option for Portland holidays.

•Darcelle's XV: If cross dressing and humour is what you search then a visit to this during Portland holidays won’t disappoint you. With guys dressed as girls and dancing, you are reminded of Las Vegas holidays with their moves. A great place during holidays to Portland.

•Pearl District: Being Portland hottest shopping centre, Pearl District has an eclectic blend of galleries, restaurants and shops. A visit to this market will open up a plethora of options of what to buy during your Portland holidays.

•World Forestry Centre Museum: Another great museum centred on forestry and forest conservation. The museum also has fun interactive exhibits and other fun activities to let you have fun while learning during your holidays to Portland.

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