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Portland Holidays

Portland, the city of roses, is a vibrant city with a thriving floral identity to itself. With ZipHolidays we let you go close to nature and its beauty of hues and tinges.

Located in Pacific Northwest, on the opposite side of Florida and New York, Portland has been an under explored destination but has maintained some of the world’s most exceptional rose and other theme gardens. In fact it prides in possessing the largest Chinese and Japanese gardens outside of China and Japan. Its many micro breweries, scenic peripheries and friendly citizens weave an aura that draws you towards the city. Its many bike and pedestrian friendly paths are a definite boon for such settings.

Portland holidays thus promise to be serene, scenic and exploring.

History, culture: Portland

Portland is referred as the greenest city of USA. Its most notable history dates back to 1843 when the land’s potential was seen and after some hand sharing and a decisive two out of three tosses Portland earned its name after the winner’s homeland’s name: Francis W Pettygrove of Portland Maine.

Being close to the ports and proximity with Pacific Ocean, the city enjoyed intensive trade till some other feasible ports came up. Portland holidays will be evident of the rampant young spirit of the occupants and their sassy preferences. During Portland holidays you are bound to come across the rich musical culture of the land with its various shades of punk, hardcore, crust punk besides various movements like anarchist and ‘Do It Yourself’ culture. In fact with strong Free speech laws, Portland has more per capita Strip clubs than Las Vegas! Holidays to Vegas are more popular because of Vegas' casino culture, which attracts tourists from around the world.

Terrain, Demography and language

Portland with an area of 376.5 square km is separated in east and west by the Willamette River. The city lies on top of an extinct volcanic field. There is still one dormant but potentially active volcano Mount Hood towards the east and is visible on clear days. With highly fertile volcanic land, Portland holidays will be witness of some of the most exquisite parks and gardens.

Non Hispanic whites, Hispanics, African American, Asian and American Indian all can be found in fair numbers during Portland holidays however non Hispanic whites lead the count with almost 74.1 % of the population followed by around 8% of African American.

Due to a highly varied demographic, one can communicate in many language here like Chinese, African, English or Spanish though the state recognised language is English.

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