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Portimao Holidays

Portimao is a city, located in Faro, Algarve, Portugal. The two most popular cities in the Southern region of Portugal are Faro and Portimao. The town of Portimao has many sporting events like beach football, surfing and kite surfing, racing and gymnastics. Trace the history back to ancient Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians. Portimao was the sea access to the ancient city of Silves. The ‘River Arade’ flows through the town of Portimao. Portimao, being a natural harbour, became a haven to smugglers and pirates. ‘Vila Nova de Portimao’ was the initial name of this town and now, Portimao is the given name. Portimao has always been a major commercial centre of Algarve.

Commercial Harbour of Algarve – Portimao

Portimao is the main hub for fishing and canning industries. Leisure cruises and big-game fishing industries thrive here. Several architectural buildings were demolished and reconstructed. Many events and exhibitions are hosted regularly pertaining to culture, art and history. These events account for interesting visits. Most people enjoy their evenings in the bars and cafes lined at the riverfront. Book boat tours and sea-fishing outings and enjoy the trip immensely. The blue sea with golden sands and the charm of pine fields make Portimao, a beach destination of Algarve. Today, Portimao has evolved as a cosmopolitan port. Bustling market and shopping arcades make Portimao, fun to visit.

General Etiquette in Portimao

When in Portimao, avoid stretching on the street or at a meal; this is rude behaviour. Wear proper attire while visiting religious monuments of Portimao. If invited to the home of any local, buy sweets or flowers for the hostess. Most workers earn low wages and depend on tips as an additional source of income. Tip taxi drivers and restaurant waiters of Portimao as a token of appreciation. 10% of the bill amount is a good tip among the locals here. 

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