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Port St Lucie Holidays

Port St Lucie is a city which is located in Port St Lucie County, Florida. Miami is on the south of Port St Lucie and Orlando is towards its Northwest. In 1950s, Port St Lucie was an uninhabited land located towards the southern part of White City. In the following years, lot of development took place and the population of Port St Lucie reached 155251 as of April 2009 and become one of the fastest growing cities of Florida.

Lovely Port St Lucie

Port St Lucie has come up very fast and you can definitely enjoy if you are holidaying at Port St Lucie as it offers a lot to do and see. You can simply stroll down the streets in the evenings and enjoy the beautiful sights or paddle down the rich rivers. The Beaches are also quite near to Port St Lucie giving you ample opportunities to lie under the sun and unwind.
Sports lovers can play Golf at the PGA village and indulge themselves in various water sport activities along the seacoasts.

General Etiquette

When it comes to tipping, it is recommended to tip your room attendant or waiter upto 10 to 15%. In US, the tip is not included in the bill and the waiters rely on customer’s tip as they are paid less than the minimum wage.
The Floridians are very friendly and they express their openness and friendliness through gestures which could be a kiss on the cheek in females and males can pat on the back while shaking hands.
Smoking is not allowed in huge gatherings. It is advisable to smoke a corner that is away from children, families or a huge chunk of people.


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